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Bedside Lamp


$60.00 / Month

Housewares may not be available in all regions. Contact us to verify availability before placing an order. If not available, a representative will inform you.

Package Description

This bedroom package has everything you need to complete your bedding set. It includes sheets and pillowcases in a soft and durable fabric that will provide a comfortable night's sleep. The included mattress pad adds an extra layer of cushioning and protection to your mattress, ensuring that it stays in good condition. The set also includes two plush pillows to support your head and neck and a comfortable bedspread while you sleep. Finally, the package also includes a set of sturdy wooden hangers, perfect for keeping your clothes organized and wrinkle-free. 


2 - Fitted Sheets

2 - Flat Sheets

4 - Standard Size Pillowcases

1 - Cotton Mattress Pad

2 - Pillows (Standard Size)

1 - Bedspread

5 - Wooden Hangers

*Sizes to accommodate bed size
*Pillow/Pillow Case quantity varies based on bed size

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